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From kaiserthesage24:

"For the environment of course!

E85 reduces greenhouse gas emissions on the order of
39 to 46 percent when compared to gasoline.

I see hydrogen vehicles in the future as the best hope.

Also, did you know that the Alberta tar sands have reserves
that parallel Saudi Arabia? As the price of oil goes up
that "tar sand" is becoming more and more viable
economically. A smart American from MA told me that
and I researched it. In 10+ years, Canada could become
the Untied State's new Saudi Arabia....unless someone figures out
how economically extra the shale oil reserves in Utah
which I doubt will happen any time soon.


Of course, this is all theoretical. The claims of fuel manufacturers are true in a laboratory setting, but how it plays out in the real world with a lot of variables is a different story. I'm not saying they don't work, but I believe that customers should try it out first if they really observe a noticeable difference attributable directly to the fuel used. In terms of industrial and commercial usage though, there are "bulk diesel delivery companies" that are developing a new edge to sustain the fuel economy.