Global Warming

What do you think about global warming?

Gary Park
Badgingarra, Western Australia

I believe our planet is warming, of course. Although I don’t know how much humans have contributed, I would be surprised if it’s close to 100 percent. So, knowing how vastly the Earth’s climate has varied over its four- to five-billion-year history, I doubt that we can succeed in stabilizing it the way it is now. Regardless, we must try, if only to buy time.

But we can do better than that. I’d like to see our government supporting more adaptive, positive responses to the warming instead of assuming that we must concentrate all of our efforts on scaling back and attempting to maintain the world as it is today. There’s no significant downside to encouraging innovative programs designed to maximize every potential advantage of warming and minimize the disadvantages wherever it’s feasible.

The shift in course would be small, yet I believe that we would be heading in a more productive direction over time. Along with mending our ways, we would be in a safer situation overall if we also develop more coping mechanisms for whatever nature alone may be handing us. Call it “technological adaptation.”