Miles Mathis....thoughts?

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Miles Mathis....thoughts?

Postby Chromium6 » Sun Oct 01, 2017 10:46 pm

Just wanted to get insights into what people think about Miles Mathis' Physics papers at:

His conception of the charge field is pretty good and he has a novel UFT theory.

Thoughts on these papers?

14. Maxwell's Equations are Unified Field Equations. I show that the displacement field is really my charge field, and that Maxwell's equations are unified. 11pp.

15. Maxwell's Equations are Unified Field Equations, part 2. I show how Maxwell's vortices fail, how to correct them, and how to calculate the charge field C from the Electrical Field E. 7pp.

217. Gravity and Mach's Principle. Extended comments on both, including clarification of my recent paper on the cause of gravity. 8pp.

325. Salt is not what we Thought. And neither is molecular bonding. 10pp. . He said this there.

Charge is real photons in the field. These photons produce little streams through and around the nucleus, which I call charge channeling. In dozens of previous papers I have shown you how to map this field through a large number of elements and molecules, drawing the diagrams that explain how and why the nucleus channels as it does. In most cases, charge stays in the infrared, since what we call heat is actually the charge field. But elements (and free electrons) can also spin up these photons into the visible and beyond, giving us visible and invisible emission lines. Since each element channels in a different way, each element will also produce signature emission lines. ... Pole electrons are positioned in an external charge eddy, where they are vulnerable to ambient charge. ... What happens in the Start Effect is that an electrical field coming from the side pushes the electron over a tiny amount, causing a wobble in that circle [around the pole]. ... My pole electron is only one or two electrons distant from the nucleus, and it is caught in a powerful and real stream of photons. I have already done the math showing the distance of the valence electron.... In my theory, the electron is in a vortex, and that vortex is a real field of real particles. ... Once you have this nutation in the polar vortex, caused by the electron, you will naturally have a shift in photons being emitted through that vortex. It is like shifting the center of focus of a light. That is one cause of the shift, but what gives us the split? Well, this is a little more complex.... Yes, if the photons we are monitoring are above the infrared, then the gas has to be spinning them up into the visible or ultraviolet; but otherwise we don't have to explain the creation of photons. All we have to explain is the spectrum or series at a given energy.
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