Contributions to Objective Knowledge

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Contributions to Objective Knowledge

Postby NCoppedge » Mon Nov 07, 2016 12:21 pm

As unlikely as it may seem, I feel I have discovered some forms of objective knowledge which are not just mathematical (intelligent) but linguistic, analogical, and formulaic.

Actually, I tend to be insulted by the term analogy, as I feel at least several of these systems have distinct advantages over incoherent forms of knowledge such as probability and syllogistic reasoning.

See link:

I have been writing on these subjects since 2002, at which point I just had a rough idea. More notably since 2012.

So far there has only been one professor I know of who has attempted to introduce any of the new methods in his classroom. There has been no prize or recognition, and in spite of their easy applicability to simple computer programs and data culturation, I have seen no results in the gaming or innovation sector yet either.

Consequently I have decided to make the materials evident to vos Savant.

All of the materials are free to use in programming, academic projects, books, articles, etc. with the possible exception that one of the later psychic methods may be patented by a professional psychic, and the majority of 'Pataphysics may be owned by the Pataphysical Society in France and England. In today's information society, it seems clear to me that all of the materials may be free to use in any way with a citation advisable, however I am not sure of the legality on the materials I did not originate. It is the same attitude advised with Calculus and Physics. Citations may be useful, but the material is not owned by anyone. It is knowledge which anyone may use if they have the power to grasp it. And it may have a role in future information technologies and world culture.

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