Mach's Principle as new TOE (Theory Of Everything)

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Mach's Principle as new TOE (Theory Of Everything)

Postby Albert 2016 » Fri Aug 26, 2016 1:24 am

Dear Friends and dear Marilyn ,

(as this message concerns you personally, as descendant of Ernst Mach).
What I’m about to tell you is a very important message, that could help in restoring scientific truth and at last give justice to Ernst Mach, in this year marking the 100th anniversary since he passed away.
I’m an independent physicist, and a few days ago I published on my page in my documented study, ... stribution

proving that the unification of all fundamental forces with gravity, (TOE = Theory Of Everything) can be achieved not through the fruitless long-time attempt of unifying QM (Quantum mechanics) with Einstein’s GR (General Relativity) as with the “string theory” for instance, but through what I’m calling the ISS (Inertial Simultaneous Synchronization), i.e. the force/mechanism based on Mach’s Principle, explaining why gravity, electromagnetic fields and quantum entangled particles do propagate instantaneously, without any need of physical mediators such as “waves” or “particles”, as simple “synchronization of information”, and explaining why inertia was the first force giving mass and energy to the original singularity/point mass at the moment of Big Bang, and it is still the only “action-at-a-distance” force keeping instantaneously linked all the matter of universe, regardless of its distance, according to Mach’s principle.

My study proves mathematically and experimentally that Ernst Mach (who first formulated his Principle of universal inertia) was right in rejecting in 1913 Einstein’s relativism and the idea that c (speed of light) was an “absolute constant”, and time was just “relative” and dependent on the motion of the observer.

My “Machian” analysis is fully in agreement with recent cosmological models such as Alan Guth’s “inflationary universe” (which implicitly rejects Einstein’s relativity), whose assumption is that immediately after Big Bang speed of light was 10^23 times faster than in today’s universe, and it is also confirmed by lots of experiments that – in more than 1 century - disproved the main “pillar” of SR (Special Relativity) i.e. constancy of speed of light, such as Sagnac effect, Magnus effect, GPS mechanism, instantaneous quantum entanglement of photons, etc.

You can read both the abstract and the final “summary” of my paper, in order to get quickly a first “insight” of its content ( full paper is 76 pages), and judge by yourselves.
My paper is also proving the shameful and sometimes ludicrous ways by which many mistakes in SR and above all in GR have been carefully concealed or simply ignored and routinely repeated in physics textbooks, by the “official scientific establishment”, although hundreds/thousands of physicists and researchers have documented and criticized them.

For instance, it is even comical that the mythical 43” difference in Mercury’s perihelion advance, allegedly “calculated” by Einstein and supposedly “proving experimentally” his GR, were actually the outcome of miscalculation – as documented in 2013 by Prof. Hua Di – and Einstein’s equations of GR were actually yielding a useless 100”! And when someone can read and deepen the ridiculous way by which Eddington “confirmed” Einstein’s calculation of 1.75 arcseconds light deflection after having supposedly detected such insignificant difference through a set of blurred photos of a solar eclipse, thereby giving his “authoritative” support to his research, you cannot but laugh!

At the end, my (and that of thousands of physicists) position is simply: classical physics + QM are sound and experimentally proved, whereas Einstein’s relativism is not physics, it is metaphysics (apart from the energy-mass equivalence E= mc^2, that is ok and was plagiarized by Einstein from Italian physicist Olinto De Pretto, that wrote a paper on it in 1903, 2 years before Einstein published his famous paper in 1905 without mentioning him!).

This year marks the 100th anniversary since Ernst Mach passed away in 1916, but his great activity and legacy from his whole life of scientist and philosophe has been overshadowed, and scientific media paid almost no attention to him, preferring to devote time and attention to an insignificant “movement” of 10^ -18 meters (!), as that allegedly perceived by LIGO interferometer, in order to ridiculously “match” this false “non-discovery” of bogus “gravitational waves” with the 100th anniversary of publication of GR, the ridiculous and cumbersome ball-and-chain of modern physics, purporting to prove that gravity is “warping the continuum space-time”.
My paper is NOT against Albert Einstein.
In my study I clearly said that Einstein is surely a great physicist. However, his major contributions were - for a sort of “serendipity” – for Quantum mechanics, that he personally disliked.
Einstein contributed a lot to the foundation of QM, with his discovery of photoelectrical effect and photon as a particle, with his studies on Brownian motion, his article (with Podolski and Rosen) about the “spooky-action-at-a-distance” in quantum entanglement (he was wrong, however that article was really important!), his studies on Einstein-Bose condensates (showing what happens at near to 0K cold matter).

And yet, for a strange destiny Einstein is remembered everywhere for his wrong relativism, rather than for his correct and very important contributions to Quantum mechanics.
In conclusion, my message is: kindly help me to let my research – which is also a tribute to Ernst Mach – be known, so that at last scientific truth can prevail, and justice be at last given to Ernst Mach.

Thanks a lot in advance


Alberto Miatello

Como (Italy)
Albert 2016
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