National Shoplifting Day

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A national Shoplifting Day
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National Shoplifting Day

Postby JO 753 » Thu Nov 26, 2015 1:27 am

(I orijinally rote this in Daily Kos. So I'm plajerizing myself and posting it here)

I just watched the Jon Stewart takedown of Fox over their ‘parasitic poor people’ stance and it gave me an idea for a way to even things up a little.

To elaborate on the title — National Shoplifting Day would be 1 day out of the year when ordinary people would be allowed the privilege of unquestioned, open theft enjoyed year-round by the rich. You would only need to show a card provided by the IRS as proof that you earn less than some specific amount, lets say 80,000$ per year, and you could walk into any big box store and fill your shopping cart till the wheels start squealing. The stores would simply ‘write it off’ and the total gets payed in tax by the top 10%.

To keep it from getting too crazy, you’d be limited to 1 visit per franchise, so a diversified portfolio would be the way to go. You don’t want to end up with a living room full of TVs but be wearing rags and eating Ramen Noodles all year.

Sounds nuts, doesn’t it? Yet it’s just 1/365th of a real solution to the problem of gross inequality in our economy. 1 day out of the year when you get to grab more than you can possibly use for yourself; a way-the-hell out of whack greedy beyond all reason hogathon, just like all those CEOs, hedge fund managers, celebrities, etc. take for granted year round.

Here’s another idea:

What if someone creates a comprehensive set of laws to actually level the playing field — make it so that everybody is getting a fair share of the wealth being generated all year round. Make it something that will work even when, in the not to distant future, the entire labor for money thing dries up due to automation and droids. Have Robert Reich and a team of like minded economic geniuses draw up some legislation. Then we let the rich people and corporations vote on it; either National Shoplifting Day or a complete and permanent level playing field.

I bet they go for the Shoplifting. As a nonrich citizen of this great nation, what would you pick?

Thursday, Nov 26, 2015 · 12:16:14 AM CST · JO 753
Just had a great idea! You have my permission to plagerize this article. Copy & paste it anywhere you like & put your name on it! A plagerized with permission article about legalized shoplifting! PERFECT!
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