Convergent Life

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Convergent Life

Postby Tom Hendricks » Fri Jun 12, 2015 9:48 am

Convergent life.

Here is an interesting idea that suggests that all life is heading in the same direction when it comes to catabolic and anabolic processes and selection on those processes.

This is an idea that combines two others.

First one from the biological texts:

1. Convergent evolution is the independent evolution of similar features in different species.

Combine that with one of my ideas:

2. There is a direction in evolution toward better catabolic and anabolic processes. [Catabolic and anabolic chemical processes evolved but did not blend.
When there is a mutation on either catabolic or anabolic processes, there is selection pressure on the other to match the good mutation, or mitigate the bad one.]

3. Convergent LIfe: (or convergent catabolic and anabolic processes)

That suggest to me that in any similar environment, all life will converge on the best catabolic and anabolic processes.
natural selection will always select similar catabolic and anabolic processes for similar environments.
Tom Hendricks
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Re: Convergent Life

Postby tvelection » Fri Jun 12, 2015 10:45 am

Tom Hendricks, it's been a while ---welcome back. I've read all your posts over the years and many times you are on the cutting edge of a current topic in biology. Especially your posts about good stomach bacteria, birth, and the immune system. It makes me wonder what damage may be done by all the regimans of penecillin/antibiotics that kill both good and bad bacteria in the stomach and then sometimes coupled with NSAID drugs (aspirin and bloodthinners that can cause the stomach to bleed). It may cure the infection at the same time wreaking havoc on the immune system.

As to your current post:
Three questions, not meant as challenges but rather wanting to know what you think.

(1) Can you explain divergence with regard to anabolic/catabolic? Are those processes dependent on environment and selection?

(2) Since a bigger brain is always optimum in dealing with environmental contingencies and actions is this an aim of internal processes or environmental selection. Are bigger brains/nervous systems a catabolic/anabolic focused mutation? Or would a dinosaur, for instance, with bigger teeth and more armor be selected over one with a bigger brain smaller teeth and less armor?

(3) Does selection pressure increase complexity as a dinosaur evolves to a mammal then to human, then to higher evolved human or even a new higher species. In other words do anabolic and catabolic processes evolve here (one trait) and devolve there (another trait) according to selection or is complexity of any species always increasing in your opinion?
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