Comprehending the universe without time

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Comprehending the universe without time

Postby mmiller » Thu Feb 16, 2017 10:37 pm

I made some related comments on this topic before the holidays, which I think got lost somehow. Anyway, the tone may have seemed flippant to the casual observer, but the overall point imho was dead serious. That's because time and time again (you love that pun?) we revisit this concept.

My point is we are doomed from a rational perspective to understand time, because to make sense out of existence, we created the concept of time. If it doesn't exist (physically) and time is nothing more than an abstraction man created, then we will never grasp what's going on (existence) because our thought processes must incorporate the concept of time. It's like a lost cause of wishful thinking on the wrong tangent.

Anyway, our minds from the get-go (at birth) become programmed to accept time as part of our existence and all rational thoughts. There is no turning back, we must think, we must develop advanced concepts, and so forth about the physical universe where the concept of time is crucial.

However, I posted this idea stated below many years ago here on this board. That is, we might be able to have an inkling of existence without time if we observe our dreams.

Though my thoughts are original, I doubt I am the first in the world to notice, but our dreams I believe are created without time. That is our subconscience interjects a collection of thoughts all at once to the conscience of our minds as dreams while we sleep, yet our sleeping conscience reinterprets this data in a logical, sequential pattern because our conscience utilizes the concept of time.

As an analogy, it's like you buy a novel. All the data is written in that unique package we call a book; you are not buying 'time' itself, you are buying a collection of data. Similarly, the sub conscience accepts similar kinds of data as concepts, thoughts, fears, experiences and so forth, and then presents this data to our sleeping conscience that we in turn construe as dreams that we think are in a sequential manner, i.e. with time. Likewise, with the book, we get a bunch of data all at once, and then as we read that novel, the stories are comprehended in a sequential manner. Or imagine jumping around in the book, say start from the end and work backward, Does that mean you go backward in time (physically)? No, because the book is merely a collection of data meant to be interpreted by our conscience in a forward moving, sequential manner. Thus I think we then interpret our dreams, just like the novel's story, as time passing forward.

Overall my point is if anyone wants to imagine a universe where time does not exist, just analyze your dreams, especially when you wake up at night right after a memorable dream. You may be fortunate to realize that the data put into your subconscience must have been planned in advance, and then interpreted as a dream that seemed to have time. Sometimes, it may very well be that dreams come along sequentially, but this could be random bits of data constantly being interjected into the sub conscience.

For instance, I once heard a loud noise while sleeping. My dreams interpreted this as a gunshot, yet my dreams went 'backward in time' so to speak, to create the preconditions of the dream before this gun was fired. There have been a few others positively confirming this concept to me, yet I forgot what they were. I think one dream that had a surprise ending, which had to be 'planned' by the subconscience prior to the unfolding of the dream. Write them down right away if you can!

Unrelated, but another interesting aspect of dreams is they can follow along story lines only while sleeping. That is while we are awake, we have no idea about what happened in our dreams. But while we are sleeping, a dream from one night can incorporate some crazy ideas from dreams retained from a previous night, or even appear to be continuations of some dream story concept.
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