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Stupid questions day

Postby robert 46 » Mon Nov 07, 2016 8:13 am

VirtualMvS @ Twitter wrote:It's Ask a Stupid Question Day! Check out some of the funny questions I've been asked over the years here: ... stion-day/

You might have missed this at Parade because it showed up dated September 23 when it was about to scroll off the screen.

So, I'll repeat them for posterity.
Parade wrote:All Greek to Me

Sometimes we say, "That's Greek to me," when we don't comprehend something. My question is: What do the Greeks say? J.N. Syracuse, Indiana ... y_510373-1

Applying Deordorant

How can any deodorant have a scent of its own? Why doesn't it wipe itself out? M.H. Seattle, Washington ... y_510373-2

Bed Size and Divorce Rate

When I was a child, divorce was almost unknown. Also, in the best of homes, a full-size (double) bed was the norm. As I grew older, beds got bigger: queen, king, super-king, etc. The divorce rate also grew. Is there a connection? J.B. Golden Valley, Arizona ... y_510373-3

Colors of the Blue Moon

We have all heard the expression, "Once in a blue moon." What other colors does the moon come in? J.C. New York, New York ... y_510373-4

Boeing 747 out of Cans

How many recycled aluminum cans would it take to build one Boeing 747 jetliner? R.P. Pell City, Alabama ... y_510373-5

A 747 has 147,000 pounds of high-strength aluminum. A soda can is typically 14.9 grams. Dividing one into the other is 4,475,035 cans/747.
Cat Accents

Does the common cat have an accent depending on the region of the country or world it lives in? T.R. Wilmington, North Carolina ... y_510373-6

Falling Coconuts

How many people in the world are killed by falling coconuts each year? L.L. Lumberton, Texas ... y_510373-7

See Cast Away movie.
Cute as a Button

How come they say cute as a button? Why a button? J.H. Carteret, New Jersey ... y_510373-8

Donald Duck and Relatives

In all my years of watching cartoons, I have split brain-cells trying to figure out this puzzling question. How can Donald Duck be an uncle to Huey, Dewey and Louie, and they be nephews to his uncles, Scrooge McDuck and Ludwig Von Drake? A.P. Roanoke, Virginia ... y_510373-9

Angled Earth

Is the Earth at a different angle in the morning than it is at night? In the morning, I have to put something against the front door to hold it open. At night, it stays open by itself. A.L. Austin, Texas ... _510373-10

Earthworms and Dirt

Is it true that there is not one single square inch of dirt anywhere on the face of this planet that has not, at one time or another, passed through an earthworm? R.P. Laguna Niguel, California ... _510373-11


Has all this evolution been worth it? B.M. Millbrae, California ... _510373-12

Not if you don't care about being here.
Fortune Cookie Time Limit

Is there an implied time limit on fortune cookie predictions? If so, how long is it? M.S. Wheeling, Illinois ... _510373-13

Capital H

I have been losing a lot of sleep lately over this, and I hope that you can help. When you write the capital letter H, do you make the two vertical marks first, and then the horizontal? Or do you do the vertical, the horizontal and then the other vertical one? H.N. Baton Rouge, Louisiana ... _510373-14

Hot Air in Hair Dryer

How do they fit all that hot air into blow dryers? Why don't they ever run out? T.P. Lufkin, Texas ... _510373-15

Hot Flashes

As a sufferer of menopausal "hot flashes," I have experienced the ability of the human body to withstand freezing temperatures without the aid of warm clothing. Has science ever attempted to study this phenomenon with an eye toward eliminating our dependence on Middle East oil? Think of the savings if we could scrap the need for central heating! L.F. Oakland City, Indiana ... _510373-16

Human Achievement

It appears to me that in the past hundred years, an overwhelming amount of progress has been made in the world. What did all those people do for the first two thousand years? R.F. Manassas, Virginia ... _510373-17

IQ and Children

Is it true that an IQ can actually differ dramatically even from day to day? Is it also true that an IQ can drop even without having children or any other activity that causes brain damage? S.G. Cedar Falls, Iowa ... _510373-18

Do You Want My Brother?

I admire you for your intelligence. I'm hoping some of it will rub off on my little brother if he reads your column enough. Do you have any kids? If not, would you like to have my little brother? A.B. Delray Beach, Florida ... _510373-19

King Kong

In the movie King Kong, the natives lived behind a great wall that was obviously built to keep the big ape out. They would venture outside only to make a human sacrifice to him. After selecting a fair maiden, they would slide back a giant locking bolt, push open these huge doors and scurry out with Kong’s new bride. Then they would tie her to the sacrificial altar and run like hell back to their walled city, where they would have to close the doors and slide the bolt back in place before they could feel safe again. My question is this: If the walls were built to keep King Kong out, why did they make the doors so large? R.P. Chicago, Illinois ... _510373-20

Colors and Last Names

I find it curious that there are many individuals whose surname is Brown, Green, White, Black, Gray or Gold, but there are virtually none with surnames of Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple or Pink. Is there a logical reason for this? R.W. Brentwood, Missouri ... _510373-21

Lipstick Stains

Why is it my lipstick (any brand) doesn't last on my lips for more than ten minutes, but it remains on my glass even after it's been through the dishwasher? S.P. Austin, Texas ... _510373-22

Lobster Tails

Someone once told me that lobster tails are not actually the tails from a lobster. They said that we order a lobster tail in a restaurant, it is actually a separate creature. Is this true? P.K. Westchester Illinois ... _510373-23

This is likely a reference to rock shrimp, but whether restaurants substitute one for the other is yet to be shown.
Lost Golf Balls

Why is it that I can find someone else's golf ball in the woods but never my own? P.D. Washington, DC ... _510373-24

Because there are many more lost golf balls than yours, there is a higher probability of finding someone else's.
Man Sleeping Alone

Is there a difference in the caloric burn of a 150-pound man sleeping alone (unfortunately) in a 60-degree room with the electric blanket set at 72 degrees as opposed to the blanket turned off, all other factors being equal? P.S. What happens if you add a woman? B.B. Corinth, Mississippi ... _510373-25

Pronunciation of Mauve

My two dictionaries both identify the word mauve as purple and indicate the pronunciation is "mohv." Now everybody is going around calling dusty pink mauve and pronouncing it "mawv." Can anything be done about this? V.L. Saint Paul, Minnesota ... _510373-26

Moose Battle

Nature shows on television say that when two bull moose compete for a lady moose, the one with the smaller antlers concedes to the other one. I can see how a moose can tell the size of his opponent's antlers, but how does he know how big his own are? G.R. Wayne, New Jersey ... _510373-27


Was God asleep when he invented mosquitoes? If not, what is their purpose? You know everything, don't disappoint me. M.T. St. Peter, Minnesota ... _510373-28

Names of Toes

Why is it that all the fingers have a name (thumb, index, middle, ring and pinky), but for toes, it's only big toe, little toe? What are the other three called? ("Piggies" don't count.) J.D. Augusta, Georgia ... _510373-29

Notre Dame Fight Song

Do you know the words to the Notre Dame song that starts, "Cheer, cheer for old Notre Dame; you bring the liquor, I'll bring the dame"? It has slipped my mind. M.M. San Diego, California ... _510373-30

Moon Direction of Outhouse

Which direction should the Moon in the outhouse be facing? Would it appear differently in the southern hemisphere? Do different religions use different symbols? C.O. Catonsville, Maryland ... _510373-31

Bored Oysters

Do oysters get bored? How can you tell? J.H. Carteret, New Jersey ... _510373-32

Leather Pants as Fire Protection

If it's true that cotton burns slower than synthetic fibers, and leather burns even slower than cotton, then is it safer for woman on an airplane to wear leather pants just in case the worst happens? Or won't it make a difference? F.L. Sunnyvale, California ... _510373-33

Popcorn Residue

What property of matter allows for the movement of popcorn residue inside of a plastic bowl to the outside of the plastic bowl? Also, do you think that this could one day be applied to some future form of transportation? T.H. Corte Madera, California ... _510373-34

Sailboat and Wind Direction

I am riding on a sailboat going 50 mph in a northerly direction. At the same time, a wind is blowing from the south at 50 mph. My question is this: does the wind cause my ponytail to blow toward my face or away from it? M.M. Lafayette, Louisiana ... _510373-35

A square-rigger cannot exceed the speed of the wind, nor any sailboat with the wind astern. So the sailboat speed would be less than 50 mph, and there would be a net wind toward the bow blowing the ponytail forward. Personally, I wouldn't want to be sailing in a 50 mph wind (Beaufort 9, Strong Gale).

Salt and Pepper

Of all the spices in existence, who teamed up salt and pepper, and why? Why not salt and oregano, or paprika and pepper? Was this the idea of salt and pepper shaker manufacturers? J.H. St. Louis, Missouri ... _510373-36

Shades of Green

Could you please tell me the number of shades of green? After driving around and looking at the scenery, I have decided there must be many. P.P. Hannibal, Missouri ... _510373-37

Wool Shrinking

Why does a wool sweater shrink when washed? The same wool on sheep doesn't shrink when they stand in the rain. J.A. Las Vegas, Nevada ... _510373-38

Compass Directions

While in South Carolina recently, I noticed that north is southeast of due west. How can you explain this? E.F. Lake Worth, Florida ... _510373-39

Mother-in-Law and Space Travel

My mother-in-law is 52 years old. Is it true that if I travel off into space at the speed of light for one year, she will be 152 years old when I return? Sounds like a good deal. L.B. Hancock, Virginia ... _510373-40


I have cobwebs in my basement; however, I have never seen a cob. What is a cob? M.B. Senecaville, Ohio ... _510373-41

USA Shopping Team

I heard there is a USA Shopping Team. Where can I find out about it and how do I join? D.G. Portland, Oregon ... _510373-42

Tastes Like Chicken

I’ll sleep better at night if you could explain why so many things taste like chicken. J.Z. Olean, New York ... _510373-43

Transgender and Car Insurance

If you're a man and have a sex change operation, will your car insurance rates go down? E.S. Chesterfield, Missouri ... _510373-44

Toenail Trim

How did people trim their toenails before the invention of tools with sharp metal edges? C.G. Kansas City, Missouri ... _510373-45

Understanding Women

I do not understand women. Would the study of quantum mechanics help? J.B. Parsippany, New Jersey ... _510373-46

Couldn't hurt- no one understands quantum mechanics, either.
The Butler

Why is it that in all those old mysteries, they always said, "The butler did it"? Were butlers really so terrible? M.R. Boynton Beach, Florida ... _510373-47

Old Song Lyrics

Please settle this. A song popular during the 1960's went, "Ooh eee ooh ah ah wing wang walla walla bing bang ooh eee ooh ah ah wing wang walla walla bing bang." My boyfriend insists it is "Ooh eee ooh ah ah ching chang walla walla bing bang ooh eee ooh ah ah ching chang walla walla bing bang." Who is correct? S.S. Cape Girardeau, Missouri ... _510373-48

Even some Internet lyrics databases get this wrong. "Ooh eee ooh ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang ooh eee ooh ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang"
Presliced Oranges

After you peel an orange, why is it sliced up and ready to eat? Whose idea was this? C.M. Ventura, California ... _510373-49

World Spinning Faster

How fast is the Earth revolving? If it ever suddenly stopped, how far would a 200-pound man fly? Would I end up in Denver? H.H. Salt Lake City, Utah ... _510373-50

At the latitude of Salt Lake City, the surface of the earth is rotating at around 1147 fps. If the earth suddenly stopped rotating, the air, water and everything on it would continue to move as it had. There is considerable momentum in hills and mountains, and how they would stop moving is questionable (of course, the earth suddenly to stop rotating is impossible in the first place) . But if loose material and weak structures (such as buildings and trees, etc.) were to keep moving, they would break up into flowing debris. People would be caught in that debris, and would not be thrown into the air because gravity would continue to pull them toward the center of the earth. It would be like a horizontal landslide, and noticeably unpleasant for all involved (except for anyone sufficiently close to the poles).

I invite you to comment if you think some other of these questions can be answered in a rational way.
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Re: Stupid questions day

Postby rasslok » Sun Oct 29, 2017 9:19 am

Thanks a lot for all of this info

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