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Ask Marilyn features

Postby robert 46 » Mon Mar 20, 2017 9:49 am

Parade wrote:Ask Marilyn Features
March 20, 2017 – 5:00 AM
By Marilyn vos Savant

I have been a reader of “Ask Marilyn” since your first column. The column used to have some interesting reader-participation contests and other features that you no longer have. For example, there was “So, What’s the Question?” in which you gave an a short answer such as “The speed of light” and invited readers to send in humorous questions that had that answer. Also, you had “What Would YOU Say?” in which you gave the first part of a famous quotation and asked readers to send in humorous completions of it. Additionally, you had “GoodWords” where readers would trace a path through letters arranged in a grid in order to fill in a sequence of letter blanks to give an answer to a clue suggested by an illustration in the puzzle. There was the feature called “WordTeaser” where you showed an obscure word, and readers chose from one of four possible definitions you gave for it. Also, a feature called “P.S.” had short humorous observations from you. Why do you not have any items like these anymore, other than Numbrix? I, for one, would love to see some reader-participation contests again. And the WordTeaser would be great for vocabulary-building.

—Gayle Eve McCormick in Lakeland, Florida

Marilyn responds:

Simply put, we just don’t have the space anymore.

Well, considering how much Parade has been downsized in physical dimensions and number of pages over the years, this is certainly the case- one can't take away from advertising space, of course.

But I see Marilyn's answer as simplistic. Perhaps because Parade doesn't allow Marilyn space for an adequately detailed answer? There is also the consideration that Marilyn may not have the intellect, stamina, dedication and time to produce these features anymore. Nor Parade the money to pay for them.

It is a sad reality that everything appears to deteriorate. (If not convinced, consider the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, global warming, and anything else you choose to focus on) If this is a real trend of indefinite duration, then humanity is on the way out- a species too stupid and intrinsically incompatible with nature to survive. Better to chisel the tombstone now: "R.I.P. Homo Sapiens".

27 minutes ago

The ever-so-lovely Marilyn [née Mach] vos Savant also has a presence at .

25 minutes ago

marilyn vos savant dot com

4 hours ago

This website doesn’t have space limitations like the print magazine does. Maybe Marilyn just doesn’t have the time to do other features anymore.
Ask Marilyn Features

And for other reasons, not least of which is that Marilyn is likely not paid for adding additional content to the Parade website beyond what she already provides on a daily basis other than Sunday. It is likely to be a contractual matter at fixed rate.

However, what is most interesting to me is that Suzanne posted her comment at Parade at a time which preceded my looking at Parade but not finding today's topic. I have noticed this bizarre situation before, and consider it inexplicable.
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